Jumat, 04 Januari 2008

"Sound Check"

OB Graphic designer
CONTACT www.patrickauletto.com
SOFTWARE Photoshop and Illustrator

Patrick Auletto says his works are inspired by the gritty surface below pop culture. His creations have been published in several magazines, including Juxtapoz and Layers Magazine. He’s also exhibited his work in his native New Jersey.
Patrick won the Michael Liddy Award for Achievement in Illustration and Design in June 2006 .He is currently working in advertising. This isn’t where he wants to be, but pays the bills while he develops his reputation. “I’m still young and I’m still growing in my art,” he says.
"SOUND CHECK “A somewhat humorous piece depicting a gramophone with a plant coming out of it that wouldn’t look out of place in a Tim Burton movie. The predominant colour is purple and it is very layered on top of yellow and brown colours. It is striking in its simplicity, yet the shading adds a complexity that makes it stand out more then a mere painting.”

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